Sunday, September 8, 2013

{Bloggers Go Orange} Moms Fighting Hunger Blog Hop for Hunger Action Month

Last year, I joined together with many other moms, educators, talented writers and bloggers to share various activities, ideas, children's books, etc. with two goals: 1) spread the word about hunger, 2) inspire others to get involved either in their own communities, through social media, or globally to raise awareness and/or funds to help end hunger. The experience changed me -- in so many ways. It connected me with some amazing individuals and showed me the power of collective action. This post: Thank You from Moms Fighting Hunger from Sept. 30, 2012 will give you a peek at all of the ways individuals and families got involved last year. 

Also check out our Go Orange Fall Bucket List from last September -- you can see the image in the sidebar and read the post hereSeptember is here again, and I'm excited to see even more bloggers planning to go orange during Hunger Action Month. 

Moms Fighting Hunger is a group of bloggers committed to raising awareness about hunger. We share ideas that get entire families involved, especially children. Everyday this month, a different blog will share what they are doing to help end hunger, and since it's a blog hop, YOU can join in and link up what you are doing, too.

One thing that our family is a Coffee Can Challenge. When I was little, I dumped the coffee grounds from a coffee can all over the kitchen floor so that I could take the, now empty, coffee can door-to-door in my neighborhood to collect money for children halfway around the world who were starving. Recalling this recently foIt’s Not All About You: Young Adults Seeking Justice, edited by Julie Richardson Brown and Courtney Richards, a book I contributed an article to, led me to consider: "Can I simple coffee can really make a difference?" As a little girl I thought so, and I still do.

For Hunger Action Month, I am carrying an empty coffee can with me everywhere I go. I am putting all of my spare change in it. My husband is too. (I am also trying to use cash this month rather than debit -- it helps me stay on budget and ensures that I have change). It will be interesting for me to see how much I can raise with simply spare change in just one month -- 30 days. So far, the can has $9.36!

Caterpillar and Wild Thing putting change in our coffee can at the coffee shop this morning!

The coffee can challenge is just one of the many things I plan to do in September to raise awareness and funds. I hope you’ll be inspired to do something too. (Note - it doesn’t have to be monetary either. Sharing a Facebook status, Pinning on Pinterest, or Tweeting a fact that raises awareness makes a big difference too!) If you are on Twitter, follow @NoKidHungry, @IndieJenFischer (that's me!), @StacyofKSW and/or @MomsFightHunger for hunger action tweets that you can RT. On Pinterest, follow and repin from: Go Orange for No Kid Hungry, Moms Fighting Hunger and Be the Change

Here's all of the wonderful and talented bloggers joining me for the 2nd Annual Moms Fighting Hunger Blog Hop!

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  1. So glad that you are covering this! I want to do something to help and this is a great reminder.