Monday, September 30, 2013

Eating Well on A Budget: Why Supporting Local Farmers + Eating Seasonally Works

I've noticed many initiatives this year during Hunger Action Month that raise awareness about families struggling with hunger through participation in the SNAP challenge, which means eating on $1.50 per meal, an amount comparable to what SNAP participants receive.

One of the ways our family eats well on a budget is by getting produce from local farmers through Abundant Harvest Organics. Another benefit is that I connect with other individuals committed to healthy living. One of these individuals is Jessica David of Conveying Awareness, who shared her best tips for feeding her family well on a budget: 

Support Your  Local Farmers!  

Before visiting your local grocery store chain or farmers’ market, go here first: "What's in Season?" Knowing what's in season is best for your health and your pocket. Purchasing fruits & veggies out of season will be slightly higher in cost.  

Getting fruits and vegetables from your local farmers' market is a good way to ensure freshness plus you'll be supporting your local farmers - it's a win-win situation! Consider a CSA - a Community Supported Agriculture program in which you pay for local and sometimes (depends on the farmer) organic foods. You can find out if there is a participating farmer near you at Local Harvest (some deliver to your door and others have an established point of pick-up). 

In taking the SNAP challenge for this month’s Hunger Action, I want to share that my family of 3 can eat on less than $4.50 a day. We joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) that supports the ‘local farmer’ for roughly $1.70 a day with Abundant Harvest Organics.

One of her budget-friendly meals.
Because I’m purchasing and eating in-season produce, I know that my family is getting the best nutritive value for our dollar. My personal goal is to eat at least 5 fruits and 5 vegetables daily. I truly believe there is power and healing in eating a variety of produce daily. Prices on produce are lower on the foods grown during the season.

I used to live in a metropolitan area of Southern California where I had the pleasure of visiting a farmers’ market every day of the week. When I moved to the desert, it was a bit of a culture shock because the closest farmers market is 90 miles away. So, I checked to learn that Abundant Harvest Organics delivers in-season organic produce to my town twice a week. What a relief!!  

About Jessica: Jessica David is a Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach and the owner and founder of Conveying Awareness. Jessica provides nutrition tips via her blog, newsletter, Facebook page, and various media in print and online covering a plethora of wellness topics.  Having lived overseas, a seed was planted within her to cook meals from fresh ingredients and she now shows families how to do the same. Jessica feels that through encouragement we can impart education with lasting results. She also advocates for families to eat more fruits and vegetables. She lives in Ridgecrest, California with her husband and their son. 

On Pinterest? Follow Jessica and I's Recipes Using Vegetables Board for recipe ideas and my Seasonal Eats! Board where I pin recipes that coincide with vegetables currently in season. Have a fabulous veggie recipe we should pin? Share it in the comments or on my Facebook page! Excited to also be sharing this post at Mom's Library and Thrifty Thursday.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that she was able to be so successful with such great food and so little money. Thanks for sharing this post Jennifer!

  2. I was asked recently for some posts that talk about CSAs and I shared this link along with the one you wrote for my blog: so here's to hoping she links back to both! I recently shared my wellness journey story on Honey Colony. Come learn more about where I've come from and where I'm headed: We need to link up again! =)