Friday, September 20, 2013

{Kid's Co-Op} Children's Book-Related Activities + Some Hunger Action Month Inspiration

I love doing activities with my kids that connect with books that we're reading -- probably because I love books. So this week several posts from last week's Kid's Co-Op attracted my attention because they connected with books and, often, with some of our favorite books. I wanted to share those activities and, in some cases, connect the books with new activities related to Hunger Action Month, since that has been a big theme for me on my blog and because I've seen with my own kids and through others that books can be perfect ways to engage children in helping others. I'm kicking things off with three class children's books from Eric Carle and Bill Martin, Jr.: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Last week on the Co-Op, I shared one of my most popular recent posts with four ways to learn and play through Brown, Brown Bear What Do You See? including our creative food pantry donation activityAnother favorite from Bill Martin Jr. is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and last week The Educators' Spin On It shared a coconut tree with letter stamping, which is a great literacy activity, and Growing Book By Book shared banana boom cookies -- yum! 

Jodie, of Growing Book by Book, also shared two clever ways to extend her activity for Hunger Action Month. She says: "These healthy cookies would be a great afternoon project for kids to make and then deliver to a food pantry along with a copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr." Or..."Have your kids use some of their saved money to purchase the ingredients for these cookies. Then, together wrap up the ingredients, recipe, and a copy of the book. Take the package to your child's school or another local school and ask them to send it home with a child whose family may be in need!"

I also recently made the boys a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-inspired dinner, and I realized that this dinner could excite your child in selecting spinach noodles and alphabet noodles to donate to a food pantry. (We always find the alphabet pasta at the dollar store!) Bonus share: our Very Hungry Caterpillar Virtual Food Drive.  
The trunk to the tree on the left is chicken. The one on the right is a breadstick. The center of the trees are pepperonis.
Here's some more favorites from last week: KC Edventures shared Farm Crafts and Activities along with Children's Books About Farms and Teach Beside Me shared her delta activity related to the book Geography From A-Z. I would definitely use these resources/books to dive into learning about where food comes from with my kids, which absolutely connects to hunger and food sustainability. I shared some tips and resources about food sustainability, along with other ways to get involved, at Multicultural Kid Blogs.

Four of my other favorites from last week included Science for Children: Falling Chickens from JDaniel4's Mom, Stellaluna Activities from There's Just One Mommy, Children's Books for Letter of the Week -- Letter A from Crystal and Company, and Little Bins for Little Hands shared and Invitation to Read and Play with Earl the Squirrel by Don Freeman.

Simple ways to extend these same books for Hunger Action Month include: donating a bag(s) of apples to your local food pantry or homeless shelter in connection with the apples falling in Falling Chickens or to connect with learning about the Letter A. For Earl the Squirrel, you could go on a hunt for different nut or nut butters to donate as protein items are in high need and demand at most food banks. For Stellaluna, I love how this book opens up opportunities for discussions about the way people are different and alike -- these could include discussions about how some people, children and families struggles with hunger and others do not. 

My final share might just be my favorite: Pennies of Time shared how she used Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen and the way she used this book to help her and her children discuss hunger and homelessness and to begin discussing ways to help. 

Do you discuss hunger and/or homelessness or other topics like this with your children? If so, what tools do you use to help children understand big issues and, perhaps, get involved? Please share in comments or, even better, over at Moms Fighting Hunger on Facebook so we can extend the discussion. Proud to be sharing this at Tuesday Tots, Mom's Library and After-School Linky Party.

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  1. Great post on such an important topic. Love how you connect literature to helping others. Thanks for including Growing Book by Book in the feature!

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  4. I love this post. It opens the door for parents to share hunger and how to give with their children.

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