Saturday, September 7, 2013

{Kid's Co-Op} A is for Apple - Getting Ready for Fall with The Kid's Co-Op

Embarking on our Tot School journey recently, we kicked things off with an A is for Apple basket and shared 10 other Letter A Activities. Caterpillar loved the basket and so have many readers, so I wanted to share some other Apple-themed activities, particularly activities for tots and preschoolers. Here's 20 Apple-themed Activities from The Kid's C-Op! 

Our A is for Apple Basket with other Letter A Activities.

A fabulous Pretend Play Apple Pie Making Sensory Bin from Little Bins for Little Hands (one of my favorite sites for sensory play).

8 Apple Activities for Preschoolers from Teaching Mama

6 Crafty Apple Activities from 3 Boys and a Dog

Apple Stamping from Happy Hooligans and Apple Painting with a Twist from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Sandpaper Apple Trees from Happy Hooligans, and I also loved this Apple Tree Craft from Crystal and Co. for her T is for Tree Letter of the Week for Preschool.

I love apple activities too because they always make me think of Fall, which I am so ready for given that it is still 100 degrees here on most days. In the "I wish it was Fall" spirit, I'm also sharing a couple of Fall activities from The Kid's Co-Op: Toddler and Preschool Leaf Sun Catchers from Fantastic Fun and Learning and all of the wonderful September Themed Activities from Living Montessori Now including activities for Apples, Fall, Back to School, Patriot's Day and so much more. Sharing at: 31 Days of ABCs - Letter A Linky.

P.S. This post should be my latest post in my Project 101: Weekly Library Challenge series, but my confession is that I did not read a book this week - mainly because I didn't get to the library to get a new one! Also, my husband and I's company, Think Ten Media Group, kicked off our inaugural Spotlight on Hope Film Camp, a free film camp for cancer patients of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, which has also been keeping me busy. So, next Saturday, I'll have to double up for Project 101 and share two books the boys love and two books I'm reading! 

P.S.S. When using edible food, particularly produce, for activities with children, please be mindful. I personally tend to not do those types of activities unless they are done in a way where the food can still be eaten, particularly with produce, mainly as I previously ran programs with low-income youth for whom hunger and food security were issues. On the rare occasions where I use dried beans, grains or pasta for activities, it serves as a reminder for me to give back and help others struggling with hunger, so I often find myself making donations to my local food pantry. I respect all decisions in this regard. With the apple stamping and apple roll painting, I'm wondering if edible paint could work and then the apples could be washed and still eaten...Hmmm...Something to consider and possibly try, perhaps using this edible finger paint from The Imagination Tree.

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