Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{The Kid's Co-Op} 7+ Preschool Math Activities

Preschool Math is not a challenge, yet teaching math and coming up with fun and clever math activities for my boys is also not something that comes naturally -- at least not as naturally as literacy activities do. I was always a literature, history, social sciences kind of student, so activities that involve books, maps, words, etc. always come easily. I am grateful that Wild Thing and Caterpillar both love to bake/cook with me as we integrate lots of math learning into our kitchen time. I am also grateful for other bloggers, who share wonderful math activities that inspire me to not overlook math with my boys! That being said, here's 7+ Preschool Math Activities from The Kid's Co-Op last week.

Living Montessori Now's Outdoor Acorn Math Activities are perfect for Fall.

Octavia and Vicky shared a fabulous Bottle Top "Invitation to Play" that would be perfect for Wild Thing and Caterpillar

Learn with Play at Home's Counting and Number Recognition activity using sticky paper.

There's Just One Mommy integrated a fabulous counting activity into her A is for Ambulance-themed week of learning experiences.

A Happy Song shared Ladybug Math

Teach Beside Me shared several easy and fun ways to teach beginning division -- yes, some that are PreK friendly and that remind me that "division" is not necessarily about sitting down and doing long division, but can start with young children "dividing" up a group of items into several smaller groups -- or, for example, splitting snacks up between little brother and a friend at a playdate. 

Finally, I plan on trying Pattern Painting on Sticks like Tutus and Tea Parties, which made me realize that I do "math" activities with the boys more often than I think, as we often look for patterns and practice creating color patterns when we do color learning and read books that have color patterns in them. Do you have a favorite math activity? Consider linking it up or popping over to my Facebook page and sharing it with me there. (Below is a sneak peek at 4 of the activities I shared today).

Now, it's time for you to link up and play! 


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  2. Thanks so much for featuring my outdoor acorn math activities, Jen! And thanks for all the work you do with the Weekly Kid's Co-op. :)