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Tot School + PreK Learning Activities: Letter H for Halloween, Honey and Hats! (Bonus Share: Project 101: Weekly LIbrary Challenge Books)

Today, I'm catching up with two series and sharing many of the fun letter activities we've done for the Letter H over the past two weeks and sharing about what we're reading now for Project 101: Weekly Library Challenge. We've been having lots of fun and focusing a lot on quality family time, but I'm excited to take some time to share today. 

Our Tot School focuses on a letter each week, and we explore that letter through all five senses with lots of preschool level extension activities as well. I love this set up because it reinforces letter learning with Caterpillar, my 2 year-old and beginning letter sounds with Wild Thing, my 3 year-old.

My favorite thing we did for letter H was learn a lot about honey. I've been wanting to take the boys to a local honey farm that features a tasting room, and we finally went! (Of course, I forgot my camera). The experience worked so well as we explored the letter H. At the tasting room, we tasted at least 10 different types o…

{Kid's Co-Op} Celebrate Food Day with Healthy Recipes Kids Will Love and Edible Food Play - #KidsintheKitchen

I love bringing my kids in the kitchen and teaching them to eat well. I also focus on and share quite a bit about hunger on my blog, including ways to take action and get involved around the issue of hunger as a family/with kids. I see sustainable eating (with an emphasis on local foods and foods made from real ingredients, not chemicals) as an important aspect of both teaching my own family (and myself) to eat well and ending hunger. (I shared a bit about this connection over at Multicultural Kid Blogs during Hunger Action Month).  

I'm grateful to Conveying Awareness with Jessica David for introducing me to Food Day, which is today and is a nationwide celebration focused on healthy, affordable and sustainable food. I discovered Jessica through Facebook and appreciate her healthy living tips and the recipes she shares on her blog. 

In honor of Food Day, I selected some fabulous kids in the kitchen activities and real food recipes shared last week as part of The Kid's Co-Op. I h…

From Drawing to Dance: Puss in Boots Comes to Life at The Broad Stage - Going to the Theater for the First Time

This weekend, we'll be taking the boys to the theater for the first time, and this unique performance happening at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica seemed like a great introductory opportunity for them as it incorporates music, dance and film and is followed by milk and cookies! Who wouldn't love that? 

Here's a bit more about this unique performance: Puss in Boots: From Drawing to Dance offers a privileged peek behind-the-scenes as Helios Artistic Director Laura Gorenstein Miller and her dancers share the process of creating the choreography for the characters in Dreamworks’ Academy Award-nominated film, Puss In Boots. Drawings dance to life in styles from Flamenco to contemporary as this award-winning company incorporates rarely seen hand drawn story boards, choreography, video of the motion capture technology and finished film scenes from the movie. It’s fascinating for audiences of all ages to experience live dance in this new and innovative way using popular culture and…

Simple and Effective Early Writing Activities {or The Evolution of a Reluctant Writer}

I'm taking a break from sharing my Tot School post this week to share some of the activities we've done that have (finally) engaged my reluctant preschool writer. (I use writing with my preschooler to include drawing, coloring, scribbling, tracing and the actual formation of letters and numbers).

Fine motor skills receive a lot of attention and emphasis as essential skills for toddlers and preschoolers, and I often see parents and educators stressing this even more with boys as many believe that boys may be delayed in their writing skills in comparison to girls. 

I am NO expert and do not intend to enter into a debate or discussion of boys in comparison to girls with fine motor development and writing. Rather, I intend to share my own experiences and observations as a mother of two boys. In general, Wild Thing typically displayed little or rare interest in "coloring." He enjoyed other fine motor activities and sensory bins with items to "transfer," but "…

{Kid's Co-Op} 8 Candy-Inspired Play Activities and Recipes

With Halloween two weeks away and candy everywhere, I just had to share some creative ways to use all of the candy. So here's some experiments, paint made from candy, learning activities, recipes and so much more to help you use up all the candy you might have lying around these days!

Counting with Candy Activities from Reading Confetti and Learn Play Imagine

Learn Play Imagine has also some fabulous Candy Corn Paint, Hershey Kiss-Inspired Play DoughCandy Corn Foam Dough  and paint made from Starburst Candy -- how cool is that!

And for some creative candy-inspired recipes there's Candy Corn Jell-O Pudding from We Made That and Candy Corn Krispie Treats from Crafty Moms Share.

Have you got some crazy candy-inspired activities or recipes? I'd love to see them -- please share!! 

{Ten for Tuesday} Tot School + PreK Learning Activities: G is for Ghost...and so much more.

Last week, we explored the five senses through the Letter G, our Letter of the Week, and had so much fun. I'm excited to share everything we did -- and it's quite a lot! I'll start off nice and easy. 

1. For taste, we went with grapes - doing a simple color by number sheet (part of our Romero Britto-inspired sheets made for the boys by a friend) and, of course, eating some grapes too. Look closely, Caterpillar's cheeks are full of grapes! 

2. Moving on to sight, we focused on the color green and worked together to create a green sensory basket. First, Wild Thing and Caterpillar helped me find green things around the house for a basket. Then, we went for a walk and added some green things to our basket during our walk. 

3. We also read Green Eggs and Ham, several times!

4. Then we did some simple sorting and grouping of our green items: plants, animals and toys. Wild Thing did most of the grouping - that's why everything is in such neat rows. Caterpillar enjoyed looking…