Saturday, November 2, 2013

{Kid's Co-Op} PreK Picks: Spooky Play We're Loving Even After Halloween

It's time for another edition of Wild Thing Picks! This is when I let my 3 (almost 4!) year-old look through the posts shared through The Kid's Co-Op and select his favorites. Though we looked through on the day after Halloween, he was still celebrating as you can see by his PreK Picks! 
Hope this inspires you to consider continuing some Spooky Play in November too -- or just reminds you to follow your child's interest. Our calendar may tell us it's time to move on, but sometimes the kids don't want to. So, I'm embracing it. 

The first thing that caught Wild Thing's eye was a Bat Costume from Buggy and Buddy. His exact words: "That's cool!"

I also think we'll be doing this Spider Letter Swat Alphabet Activity from JDaniel4's Mom soon given how excited he was about it. This was one of my favorites too! 

Another hit was Two Daloo's Giant Monster Window Art. He thought this window art looked like a puzzle (and he really likes puzzles) and Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails' Monster also attracted his attention. Her footprint Frankenstein is fabulous!  

Not surprisingly, the other activities he really loved involved ghosts, which if you saw our Letter G Tot School + Preschool Learning Activities doesn't surprise you. Much of Halloween has been scary and not of interest to Wild Thing, but he really loves ghosts. 

Thinking Outside the Sandbox's felt ghost bean bags and Halloween Homemade Ghost Bowling from the Kids Activities Blog got him really excited, so excited in fact that we had to make our own ghost bowling with toilet paper rolls (pictures coming soon!). 

Are your kids "over" Halloween or still enjoying the holiday? Or, maybe they are already moving on toward Christmas? (Yikes!) 

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