Friday, November 8, 2013

P is for Pumpkin: 13 Pumpkin Activities from The Weekly Kid's Co-Op

For Tot School recently, we skipped from H to P. Our inspiration? The pumpkin! So, perfect timing to share these 13 fabulous and fun activities using pumpkins from the Kid's Co-Op last week. Plus, tomorrow I'll be sharing all of the learning activities we did to learn about the letter P. Make sure you don't miss it: go to the side bar and enter your email. When I share a new post (usually once or twice a week these days), you'll get the post in an email. Easy, breezy!

Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween, they are lovely Fall/Harvest decorations and can be enjoyed all the way through Thanksgiving. We've got so much pumpkin fun to share: recipes, science activities, sensory bins, creative play, learning activities and much more!

Recipes/Edible Fun

The Maple Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Crunchy Noodles from Lessons Learnt Journal is a salad her kids actually love to eat! Kiddie Foodies has a creative way to get kids excited about eggplant with a pumpkin shaped eggplant grilled cheese sandwich. B-Inspired Mama's Halloween Cupcakes featured pumpkin cupcakes, from Kitchen Counter Chronicles, that could be fun for Thanksgiving or a Harvest-themed snack time. 


Gift of Curiosity shared a perfect idea for your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern: Pumpkin Decomposition for some seriously fun scientific learning, and ABC Creative Learning shared her inside a pumpkin science exploration activities. Plus, KC Edventures used pumpkins to explore optical illusions

Sensory Bins, Pretend Play + Pumpkin Games 

I love all of the sensory play ideas shared by Little Bins for Little Hands and this Simple Harvest Sensory Bin is no exception. Where Imagination Grows also shared a Harvest/Fall-Themed Sensory Box that is perfect for infants, and I love the Pretend Play Pumpkin Patch from House of Burke. Plus, B-Inspired Mama's Pumpkin Chuckin' Game looks like lots of fun. 

Learning Activities + Crafts 

Gift of Curiosity shared Thanksgiving Learning Activities, including a fun glitter and paint pumpkin activity and School Time Snippets' Tot School focus on the Letter P included several pumpkin activities. Plus, House of Burke's Tape Resist Pumpkin is adorable, and I keep seeing it shared everywhere online! 

What do you do with your pumpkins after Halloween? Do you enjoy seasonal learning activities with your kids? Share your favorites! (Here's one my favorites from the archives: 3 Fall Sensory Bins made for under $5.) 

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