Friday, December 6, 2013

A Holiday Tradition: Spreading Joy Through Random Acts of Kindness - Kindness Countdown to Christmas 2013!

Plus Fabulous Christmas Countdowns from The Kid's Co-Op

Better late than never...with 19 days left until Christmas (or until we see G'ma again, as my boys will tell you), we're finally sharing our Kindness Countdown. An important family holiday tradition for us is spreading joy through acts of kindness. Last year,  we had a Random Acts of Kindness Adventure. This year, we're doing a kindness countdown. Our family's daily act(s) of kindness bring us together and remind us of the importance of spreading joy and cheer during the holiday season, rather than focusing on wants or getting caught up in the "Gimmes," (pop over to Imagination Soup for more on limiting the gimmes). 

I came up with the acts of kindness by asking friends on Facebook, through my personal profile and The Good Long Road page, and loved the responses I got. Plus, you can see from our "Kindness Countdown Tree" that it doesn't take lots of fancy stuff to make a fun countdown tree. We used simple items we happened to have at home (a large apple produce bag and holiday cupcake liners) and the boys love it. As a fan of recycled materials and simple crafts, I love it too! 

December 1 - Smile at everyone you meet 
December 2 - Give fruit to the homeless shared by ALLterNATIVE Learning
December 3 - Buy coffee for a stranger
December 4 - Help someone (we turned on our "magic eyes" that day to find people to help).
December 5 - Give a candy bar(s) to construction workers 
December 6 - Open doors shared by Creative Family Fun and The Educators' Spin On It 
December 7 - Help someone in a wheelchair
December 8 - Make eye contact with others/acknowledge others 
December 9 - Leave water and a snack for the mail carrier shared by Sow Sprout Play 
December 10 - Make and give out paint chip message cards/happy notes - a fabulous idea from Sidewalk Blessings
December 11 - Wear silly masks or make funny faces while stuck in traffic - another fun idea from Sidewalk Blessings
December 12 - Clean up around the house
December 13 - Bake and Mail cookies to the troops
December 14 - Give Hugs (this was Wild Thing's idea)
December 15 - Send or give encouragement to a mother 
December 16 - Make a homeless care kit - inspired by Pennies of Time

As for the rest, well, I wrote them on the cards and stapled the cards shut before I wrote them down for me to share here. Oops! I'll be sharing those acts everyday beginning December 17th on The Good Long Road's Facebook page, so make sure you've liked the page.

I do know our final act, though, on December 25th - give out candy canes to employees we encounter at the airport, since we're traveling on Christmas Day we thought we would spread some holiday cheer! 

If you're inspired to do some acts of kindness of your own or have a holiday tradition that involves serving others, I'd love to know. Share it with me in comments and if you've written about it, please share it as part of A Season of Giving: 31 Days of Spreading Joy hosted by Kids Stuff World

I also loved these Christmas Countdown shares from The Kid's Co-Op last week: Christmas Book Advent from House of Burke and Christmas Countdown Activities and Free Printables from Living Montessori Now

Don't worry about the date if you haven't started a countdown yet and still want to, just go for it! 


  1. Great ideas! I plan on borrowing a few! Sometimes we leave money at he mall small merry-go-round with a note telling them we wanted to give someone a free ride :) My kids love doing this!