Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spreading Joy from California to Texas and Back!

Our Kindness Countdown to Christmas (and G'Ma's house!) officially ended yesterday, of course, with a prompt to share candy with individuals working at the airport on Christmas Day. We certainly brought smiles and happiness to many faces as the boys handed them candies and wished them a Merry Christmas or said thank you. 
On the plane, too, Caterpillar ran up and down the aisles (when it was safe to do so, of course) saying hello to people and also wishing them a happy Christmas. Again, this brought smiles to many faces. What amazed me the most is that my youngest (Caterpillar) rarely talks to anyone he doesn't know and sometimes avoids talking to even people he does know. He's my introvert, but on Christmas he was spreading joy and cheer!

I must admit I'm a bit sad for our Kindness Countdown to be done. Watching the boys wake up each morning eager and excited to see what our adventure for the day would be and happily undertaking each task is something I will miss. I'm already planning 14 days of loving-kindness in February! 

What I also noticed was that this daily practice, focus and emphasis on kindness and caring for others spread --- just like joy. For example, one day when Wild Thing was organizing all of our shoes (that's one of his "jobs"), he noticed that there were some shoes that were not really worn by any of us anymore and asked if we could share those shoes with "brothers and babies that didn't have any shoes." And this is just one example of many. 

I've loved being a part of A Season of Giving: 31 Days of Joy not only because the joy I've seen it spread in my family and beyond, but also because I've drawn inspiration and joy from the other participants, so I hope you'll check out what others have been doing to spread joy too.  For more inspiration, also check out our Acts of Kindness post from last January too!

Wishing you joy and peace in the new year -- from our family to yours! 
Caterpillar and Wild Thing with fruit and bagels to give to a homeless man in our community.


  1. Jen- Your blog has been a source of relentless generosity over the years! Really amazing that you make it such a priority and learning point for your kids!

  2. That is so wonderful that Caterpillar and Wild Thing were sharing acts of kindness and expressions of holiday cheer. That picture of them is adorable!