Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tot School: Letter K Through the Five Senses

Our Tot School approach has involved focusing on one letter each week and exploring that letter through all five senses with preschool level activities integrated into the learning experience so that both of my boys (Wild Thing - 4 and Caterpillar - 2) can participate. We've been having lots of fun, and I'm excited to share all we did for the Letter K last week. 

Let's start with things we can see -- Kites! Since we live relatively close to beaches, Wild Thing and Caterpillar love kites, which we almost always see when we go to the beach. I checked out Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand, which is our Project 101: Weekly Library Challenge pick. (I should have shared it last Saturday or this past Sunday, but am a bit behind, so I'm just mentioning it here). The boys love reading this book, and it went quite well with their Letter K color by number sheets.

For Wild Thing, who sometimes does not nap or naps for much less time than Caterpillar, I also drew a simple additional color sheet and wrote a short story to go with it tracing some of the letter K words so that he could get some writing practice. He absolutely loved it! 

Our story: Mom kindly kissed Sky as he flew his kiwi-colored kite as his kid brother kicked the ball at the park. 
Lots of letter "k" words and lots of fun for Wild Thing. 

I love that when he colored his kiwi-colored kite, he colored the kite kiwi green and the flags on the string of the kite brown, since the outside of the kiwi is brown. Too clever. 

Speaking of kiwis, I bet you can guess what we focused on for taste and smell: kiwis as well as kohlrabi, which came in my Abundant Harvest Organics farmshare basket that week -- perfect timing. 

We did a tasting of both and loved that both offered interesting textures and scents as well as flavors, since both the kiwi and the kohlrabi needed to be peeled before they could be eaten. The boys discovered that they liked kiwi, which they had never tried. I discovered that I liked kohlrabi, which I had never tried. I also discovered that I could make a yummy smoothie that used both. (To me kohlrabi tastes a bit like a mix between an apple and carrot). 

Kiwis are also wonderful fruits for practicing real life skills as they are soft and easy to cut. Wild Thing did some practice with a safe knife and Caterpillar LOVED using the egg slicer to cut his kiwi. 

As for what we could hear, well for that we had to do kisses! The boys loved it, and we had lots of fun giving each other kisses. 

Wild Thing also pointed out that K is for Kindness as we went to our special calendar each morning to do our Kindness Countdown to Christmas. They are certainly getting into the spirit. 

They were so excited about the fruit and bagels we prepared to give to a homeless man who lives in our community. (Oh -- and sorry to those of you in cold weather climate. Yes, I did take these photos in the middle of December. Yes, my boys are barefoot).  

We're on to letter L this week and are almost done, so I'm hoping to be sharing those explorations soon! 

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