Thursday, January 30, 2014

The 10 Best Multicultural Children's Books We Read in 2013

More of Our Favorite Multicultural Children's Books + Multicultural Shares from The Kid's Co-Op

For Multicultural Children's Book Day, we shared our Top 3 (+1) Multicultural Children's Books with each of the boys and myself picking our favorites: The Magic Poof, ABC Kids, City I Love, and Kids Like Me...Learn ABCs.

I decided to also look back through the blog at all of the books we read and shared last year and discovered that about 40 of the books we featured on our blog qualified (to me) as multicultural kid lit. Rather than sharing all 40, I decided to pick our Top 10 to highlight here, so with our favorites from Monday that makes 14 Multicultural Children's Books that we absolutely love. (Special thanks to No Time for Flashcards who shared the Best Children's Books they read in 2013 on her blog earlier this year and planted the seed of this idea in my head). Here's our Top Ten! 

I Am Mixed by Garcelle Beauvais and Sebastian Jones introduces young readers to Jay and Nia, twins whose parents come from different backgrounds. As a family, the twins and their parents find ways to celebrate their mixed ancestry.  (Psssstttt...Throughout this post, when you click on the book title you'll go to a post from last year where we highlighted the book.)

Tito, the Firefighter - Tito, el bombero by Tim Hoppey introduces readers to various Spanish words as they meet Tito, a young boy who speaks Spanish and whose language skills prove valuable fas he helps a New York firefighter respond to an emergency call in Spanish -- a book perfect book for little ones that love firetrucks.

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama highlights many important moments in the history of the U.S., including highlighting individuals from various backgrounds who have shaped the nation.

Rosa's Bus: The Ride to Civil Rights by Jo S. Kittinger tells the inspiring story of Rosa Park and her historic act -- highlighting that each of us can truly make a difference. 

Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes by Roseanne Greenfield Thong encourages children to seek and find the shapes that are all around them, while also introducing readers to Spanish language words, foods and culture. 

Nighttime Ninja by Barbara Decosta with unique illustrations by Ed Young, this book captivated my sons as a little nighttime ninja goes on a quest for ice cream, only to be caught by his mother. 

Talk Peace by Sam Williams, a lovely and simple book encouraging children to talk peacefully with beautiful artwork and children of multiple backgrounds. This truly multicultural book takes young readers throughout the world as it celebrates peace.  

The Construction Crew by Lynn Meltzer, a perfect book for Preschoolers, especially those who love building. I loved that the construction workers were diverse in not only race and ethnicity, but also gender. 

Ten Trick-or-Treaters by Janet Schulman, a fun counting book that my sons devoured at Halloween, which features children of various ethnicities-- in lots of fun costumes too!

A Color of His Own - Leo Leonni, a classic children's book in which a chameleon learns to accept himself just as he is and to celebrate and appreciate what makes him unique. 

I also wanted to get back on track with the Weekly Kid's Co-Op this week after taking a "soft" bloggy break, so I thought it would be perfect to share these five multicultural posts from last week (again click to go to these fab posts): 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these great multicultural books for kids!!! And for the shout out to Multicultural Children's Book Day!!

  2. Thank you for sharing our Rainbow Stew post. It is truly a wonderful book!!

  3. What a great collection of books! I need to read that Leo Lionni book with my kids!

  4. What a great collection of books! I need to read that Leo Lionni book with my kids!

  5. What a FANTASTIC list!! There are some titles on here that I LOVE (Of Thee I Sing, A Color of His Own, and Ten Trick-or-Treaters, to name a few) and a few that are new to me. I can't wait to check them out!

  6. We adore that Lionni book around here! So good for kids who move from culture to culture a lot. I love Ed Young so we'll be keeping our eyes out for that one. Thanks for sharing this list at Booknificent Thursday this week!

  7. What a great round up of multicultural books. There are some we need to check out still. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!