Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 1 of 14 Days of Loving-Kindness: Making Our Family "Be Kind Book"

As any parent knows, you make plans...and then they change. For the 14 Days of Loving-Kindness Challenge I am doing this month for myself and my family, we're starting the challenge with a focus on being kind to ourselves and, for the boys, to each other -- their sibling. 

Inspired by the Kindness Crocodile of Pennies of Time and Kindness Car of Frugal Fun for Boys, I planned to turn a small stuffed moose we have into a "magic moose" who would highlight the times when the boys used their "magic eyes" to see the need to be kind. 

However, as we discussed as a family what it means to treat ourselves kindly and for the boys to treat each other kindly and as various activities for the day evolved, well (you know where this is going), my plans changed -- for the better.

We've had some more challenging days this week with Wild Thing struggling with his listening skills and Caterpillar being, well, 2! Wild Thing (4) has asked several times this week if we can make "go rules of the house." At school, he has go rules of the classroom. 

He seems to be struggling to make good choices because he isn't clear what the rules of the house are. So, today as a family we created our Go Rules of the House. Or, as I prefer to call it our Be Kind Book. I happened to have a lovely small notebook with an angel on the front. This became the Be Kind Book that we can read together as a family. We created all of the "rules" or reminders together, and Wild Thing helped me create this "card" (as he calls it) to share on my blog of our Go Rules of the House. As you read our rules, remember that we were ALL involved in selecting the rules. You'll also see that we tried to emphasize the positive things we should do rather than creating a long list of NOs. 

The other fun activity we did to highlight what acts of loving-kindness the boys have done for each other is to add sticky notes to R2D2 stating what the act was, rather than use the "magic moose." 

Last night, the boys and began making R2D2 together (out of cardboard boxes). Today when I was out, Daddy and the boys greatly improved upon R2D2 - he has wheels now and can roll around the house. R2D2 is also the official Keeper of Kindness! Today, we've added these three stickie notes:

1. Caterpillar shared his donut with Wild Thing.
2. Wild Thing showed Caterpillar how to play a computer game. 
3. Daddy helped with R2D2. 

I'm excited to see us cover our little robot with stickie notes! I'm also excited to show you a photo of it once I get a replacement cable for my camera. Until then, my photos are stuck! 

What acts of kindness have you seen today? How do you foster kindness as a family? Do you have family rules? I'm interested to see how our Be Kind Book works for us as a family. 


  1. Love the idea of kindness rules for the house! We may need to sit down and create a list here!

    1. I'm really glad my 4 year-old suggested it. We revisited our Be Kind Book/Go Rules of the House today a few times when each of the boys needed gentle reminders, and Wild Thing (4) has requested that we read it everyday until he feels like he really knows them all. Now, if I could just turn them into a catchy song like he has at school!