Monday, February 3, 2014

Flowers, Bubbles, Time and Talents...Day 3 of 14 Days of Loving-Kindness

Colleagues, Peers and New Friends

The prompts for today as part of my 14 Days of Loving-Kindness challenge for my family and myself are a colleague/peer (as my challenge) and a new friend or friends at the park for my boys. With that in mind, we're making a plan for our park adventure today. 

Often our park outings are impromptu, but today we're doing some planning and prepping and will be bringing a few key items along with us: bubbles, sand toys and cars to send sailing down the slides -- perfect items to share with new friends we encounter at the park today.

Before letting the boys loose at the park, I'll make sure they realize that those bubbles and toys are part of our secret mission for the day -- to express loving-kindness to new friends at the park. We'll discuss the value of seeking to include children who might seem to be left out, but also respecting their wishes to play independently (alone), if they choose. (As a parent of one very extroverted child and one introverted child, I try to be mindful that for some children independent play is preferable and not a negative). 

As for me, my prompt today to extend loving-kindness to a colleague or peer at first seemed challenging. I'm a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom who runs a company with my husband, which at first made it seem like I really don't have any colleagues or peers, except him. However, this is all wrong. I also blog. I'm also an artist. I'm also a mother.
Hence, other bloggers, independent artists and mothers are my colleagues, my peers -- and many of them inspire me in ways they may not even know. 

So, today I plan to surprise a fellow blogger and mother with flowers and a well-timed note. I also plan to extend loving-kindness to a fellow artist and another fellow mother and blogger by giving my time and talents. So often, when considering acts of kindness, thoughts often go immediately to monetary gifts (which are great) or some of the more standards acts of service, such as donating food or clothing or even a volunteer shift now and again. 

Many of us might overlook the unique talents or skills we might have that we can share with another. Taking the time to share those can be a wonderful act of loving-kindness. 

So, today I will slow down and set aside some time to respond to some queries from a fellow blogger and to go above and beyond in my response. I will cull my research and knowledge for a fellow artist and send her what will hopefully be useful, key tips for an upcoming project, and I will keep my eyes open all day for opportunities -- in real life and online -- to share the work of my colleagues and peers. 

Are you a blogger, mother (perhaps both) or independent artist that would like a nudge today? Let me know. Sharing is caring. I'm on it! 

P.S. I encourage you to also take a second or two as shares come through your social media threads today. Take a moment to like a post or comment. You never know what that simple act might mean to someone else. 

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