Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Week: Small Acts, Big Difference

14 Days of Loving-Kindness: Day 10 - Teaching My Children to Show Loving-Kindness to the Elderly

This week, Feb. 10-16, is International Random Acts of Kindness Week. Have you RAK'd anyone yet? In honor of this week, in addition to sharing our update about Day 10 and 11 of our 14 Days of Loving-Kindness Challenge, I wanted to highlight this new Pinterest board: Celebrating Acts of Kindness, which I'm filling full of RAK ideas. If you have something I should add to the board, leave a link in the comments and I'll pin it. 

I also want to share some other cool kindness projects happening right now: 100 Acts of Kindness Project from Toddler Approved and Coffee Cups and Crayons, 28 Days of Kindness, and Operation Nice February (#OperationNiceFebruary) focused on internet kindness brought to you by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.

I love Mama Scout's Wellness Challenge (a Facebook group), and this month she's challenging us to show love. I also draw regular inspiration and support from Pennies of Time, and here's some more RAK shout outs: Deb of Bits of Positivity is full of positive ways to improve your day and the days of others, Barbara of The Corner on Character hasfun ideas for RAK Week, Leanna of All Done Monkey has teamed up with the All Things Kids Bloggers for a fabulous Showing Kids Love Series, and she has a long-standing Random Acts of Kindness Series on her blog, and She Loves Free recently highlighted RAK week on her blog too.  

Recently, when planning our act of loving-kindness for Day 10's prompt - helping the elderly, I learned something from Caterpillar (2.5) and from Ginger, the great-grandmother we planned to help. 

On Sunday, we went to the grocery store and planned for the boys to pick out flowers for Ginger, an elderly woman in our community whose son passed away recently. On our way back home, we were going to drop the flowers off and (hopefully) stay and clean up her house for her a bit or schedule a time to bring her dinner. 

When we got to the grocery store, Ginger was there, even though we have NEVER in almost 5 years, seen her at that store. We stopped and spoke with her asking what she might need - could we clean her house for her, could we bring her dinner, etc., etc. 

Her response: "Just knowing that you care is enough." Then, she asked Caterpillar to give her five and asked him to give her a kiss. My very introverted 2 year-old who often will not say hello to people who knows quite well, held is hand out to this woman he barely knows and leaned over to her for a kiss. I nearly fell over. Tears welled up in Ginger's eyes, and I learned something -- from both of them. 

Sometimes taking a moment to ask someone how they are doing, tell them that you care about them, genuinely listen to their response or offering a sweet and loving touch can transform someone's day and help them through a difficult time. These small, small things matter. They matter so much.

In a technology-obsessed world where connections often come through screens, actually person-to-person interactions matter more important than ever. I encourage you to stop today and take the time to have a chat, shake a hand, give a hug. It's a RAK that's so easy to do, yet so important. 

P.S. Our Day 11, kindness toward vets has been moved to next Tuesday - we scheduled a visit to a nursing home for Veterans. The woman at the home said having young kids visit is something that the residents there love. #Compassion2014

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  1. Good for you! Teaching our children to look out for others needs is something very much needed in this day and age.

  2. That is such a sweet story. It brought tears to my eyes. I love that Caterpillar instinctively knew in that moment that giving her a kiss was exactly what she needed.