Monday, April 28, 2014

12 Days of Gratitude (in April)

Gratitude: It's Not Just for Thanksgiving

Over the  next two weeks, I hope to share (almost) daily posts focused on gratitude. My guiding word for 2014 is Compassion. Gratitude keeps me grounded and focused. When I remind myself of all I have to be grateful for, instead of getting caught in the "I Wants," I can more successfully extend compassion to others; I can live a compassionate life. Here are the prompts I'm focusing on over the next two weeks to encourage myself to live mindfully, graciously and compassionately. 
I will extended gratitude to...

  • ...Someone who included me 
  • (someone who invited me to be a part of something special).

  • ...Someone who has shown me kindness, 
  • without really knowing me.

  • ...Someone who always supports my work/dreams.

  • ...Someone who always supports my children.

  • ...Someone who has taught me something important 
  • (or perhaps someone I am still learning from).

  • ...Someone who helped me in a time of need.

  • ...Someone I don’t personally know that has made a difference in my life.

  • ...Someone who supports positive change in the world.

  • ...Someone who inspires me.

  • ...Someone who has truly changed my life.

  • And last, but certainly not least, I plan to extend some gratitude to myself and encourage you to as well. 

  • We can be our harshest critics, the strictest judge, but sometimes we need to stop and pat ourselves on the back. I hope you'll join me in embracing gratitude. Wrap yourself up with gratitude and then pull others into the fold as you extend gratitude to them. 

  • Please share your daily note of gratitude on my Facebook page or on Twitter, hashtags: #gratitude #Compassion2014.

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