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5 Non-Parenting Books for Mindful Parenting

12 Days of Gratitude: Someone who has changed my life, even though I don't know them. 
Authors often reach through the pages of their books and move us, make us think, inspire us, and more. So, when I considered this gratitude prompt -- someone who has changed my life, even though I don't know them -- I suspected my choice would be an author. 
Years ago, a good friend was graduating from college and Thich Nhat Hanh (whom I had not heard of at the time) was speaking at her graduation. His presence and his words impressed me. His aura was one of peace, mindfulness and wisdom. That friend could tell, and she gave me a copy of one of his books: Being Peace. It would be the first of many that I would read -- all of which would have an impact. I am grateful for his words and am highlighting three of his books today as I share 5 non-parenting books that have helped me be a more mindful parent. 

Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh

When I first read Being Peace (which I revisit often), I was st…