Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kid's Co-Op Challenge: Best Gifts for Dads

12 Days of Gratitude: Someone who has taught me something important.

When I thought about today's gratitude prompt, I immediately thought of my husband. He has taught me so many important things. In fact, I probably learn something from him everyday. If I shared everything he's taught me, this blog post would probably never end. Plus, the point is not sharing what he has taught me, but taking the time to thank him and to let him know that I appreciate him. He is patient, kind and thoughtful and much of what I learn from him grows out of these characteristics and strengths -- yes, these are strengths. Often strength in men is defined very differently, and while my husband did play Rugby in college, I hardly count physical "strength" as a top attribute that I value in him or that I seek to have him pass on to our sons as what it means to be a strong man. 

His kindness and thoughtfulness and patience are the roots of the wisdom he shares. He is teaching me to love myself -- just as I am, something that is very important to my year of compassion. He teaches me the value of following my passions and trusting my abilities and instincts, and he teaches me so much more. Gratitude is definitely in order.  

Here's a gift of appreciation that my son and I made for him for his birthday. It's simple, and we made it entirely with things we already had on hand -- a DVD holder and scraps of paper. It would be a fun, creative gift for Father's Day. My husband loves it. In fact, it's sitting on his desk right now. 

To make it, we first sponge painted the outside of the DVD holder (the clear part) and then cut and pasted some hearts on the inside base of the holder. 

Next, we each wrote things we loved about him on scraps of paper. Wild Thing (4) wrote some of his reasons he loves his daddy himself, like "U R Kind." At other times, he asked me to write it for him: "Your smiles makes me smile." "You play Star Wars and lego games." He also decorated some scraps of paper with stickers. We taped the notes all around the center of the pole inside the holder and put the top on. It was fun to watch Daddy open it up and see all of the notes of love unfold. 

Now, it's time for the Weekly Kid's Co-Op. I know this weekend is Mother's Day, but since I'm celebrating Daddy today, I'd love to see your best Father's Day/Daddy Appreciation Gifts shared for me to round-up and highlight next week! Also sharing this at Thrifty Thursday and Mom's Library


  1. I love your creative Daddy appreciation gift! That is such a fun idea and it must be so uplifting for 'Daddy' to look at whenever he sits at his desk. This would work well for Mamas and Grandmas or Grandpas too.

  2. What a fun idea! I bet dad would love receiving that on Father's Day!

    Thanks for sharing it with us on Mom's Library last week :) I'm featuring it this week!