Thursday, May 1, 2014

Saying Thank You: Kindness from a Stranger

Gratitude and Teacher Appreciation at the Weekly Kid's Co-Op 

Today's gratitude prompt: extend gratitude to somehow who has shown me kindness, without really knowing me. 

This one was easy. I immediately knew who I wanted to thank: a woman who lives in the same tiny town that I live in. I saw her once (she was leaving the park with her daughter as I was arriving with my boys). 

Not too long after that, a strange truck came up our street (noticeable because our street is a dead end and only has two homes on it). It parked in front of our gate. The woman from the park got out of the truck and told me that she was transitioning her in-home daycare to after-school care as all of the children she watched were now in kindergarten. She was getting rid of various items. She planned to donate them, but then she said she thought of my "two little curly head boys." 

She literally drove around our tiny town until she found us! 

The result: a cool Sesame Street tool bench, an outdoor picnic table (that opens up so it can also be used as a sensory table), an outdoor boat/ship for the boys to play in, wooden puzzles, books and more. Talk about major kindness from someone who didn't know me! 

We've gotten to know each other and now, her teenage son comes over twice a week to entertain the boys while I get some work done.

As you can see, she deserves a big thank you! I haven't decided yet what we'll do to show our gratitude. Perhaps we'll make her some lavender bath salts, our favorite zucchini chocolate muffins or a beautiful hand-picked bouquet to drop off on Mother's Day! 

What do you think we should do for her? 

In my case, I do know her (now) so I can thank her personally, but I also love to pay it forward when I receive an act of kindness from someone I don't know at all and will likely not see again. 

Here's two cute activities from last week's Kid's Co-Op that stood out as fun ways to say thank you or to pay it forward. 

This Handprint Bouquet from Like Mama ~ Like Daughter would be perfect for an acquaintance 
who has done something kind for your child(ren) or would be adorable (pay it forward) gifts 
to deliver to women in nursing homes this coming week as Mother's Day approaches.

These Edible Friendship Bracelets from Crystal's Tiny Treasures would be great to have on hand to give 
to a new friend at the park that acts kindly. (Of course, keep them in a baggie and ask their parent first). 

And here's some fun Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas shared last week as well.

22 Teacher Appreciation Day Activitiesboth from 3 Boys and a Dog

Thank you for being part of the Weekly Kid's Co-Op!  Hang out, link-up and play!!

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  1. Our little ones still remember playing with the cool boat and other toys your friend gave you. That is so sweet that she drove around until she found you. I like all of your ideas to show appreciation. I'm sure she would be thrilled with any of those personal gifts.