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Arctic Animals Come to Life with Polly and the North Star

{Read Around the World Summer Reading Series}

This beautiful picture book is a favorite of my boys (3 and 4 1/2 years-old). With beautiful, dreamy artwork and a lovely story of one girl's big imagination and even bigger love for her father, it is a wonderful way to begin to explore the Arctic with your children. They will enjoy meeting polar bears, caribou, snowy oils and grey wolves with Polly and will share her joy when her father returns back home safely after working to help these amazing creatures. I think your children or students will love this book as much as my boys do. I recommend it for ages 2-6. 

To explore these animals even more, check out Mother Nature Network or this Arctic Animals Photo Gallery from National Geographic

Plus, check out more books from this amazing series -- a great place to start is the Read Around the World Summer Reading Series Pinboard. Not on Pinterest? You can find a complete list on the fabulous Multicultural Kid Blogs site as well. 

The Perfect Rainy Day Activity -- So Simple, So Awesome and Free! #BanBusy #SlowParenting

Observation in Action: Watch, Listen, Look and Learn
It doesn't rain often where we live (Southern California), but the last time we had a really substantial rain, I did something different. 
I sat in the doorway of our open back door (screen closed) with Caterpillar (2 1/2) sitting on my lap. We simply watched the rain and listened. We noticed its ebb and flow - stop and go - heavier and lighter. We noticed how different everything looks when it is wet. 
We were snuggled up under a blanket. It was actually pure bliss. I was glad I stopped to take the time to cuddle with him and focus on some astute observation with him. The experience was peaceful, beautiful, and important. 
Caterpillar and I had been at odds lately -- pushing and pulling -- as he tested his boundaries. He is 2 and was making sure we all knew it. We were going through some growing pains, and most of the time, I just didn't want to deal with him. 
Having this positive, sweet time together was actually really good f…