Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating the World Cup with a Soccer Invitation to Play

The World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany is today, and I'm finally sharing my World Cup Invitation to Play. I set it up for the boys when there were 16 teams left, and they love it. 

Wild Thing insisted on helping me with this post. My "pinnable image" is completely his idea -- he wanted a letter to him from me about the activity. He even dictated the letter. I love that he takes an interest in the blog in this way. 

Setting up this World Cup-inspired invitation to play was simple. I used a baking tray (that we often use for sensory bins and such), but if you have a box with low sides (or cut down the sides on a rectangle box) that would work too. 

We already had a large amount of green play dough and long ago I had snagged a sports eraser set with baseballs, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. I used some tomato and blueberry pint baskets for the nets and it was done! 

Tips: I've seen these eraser sets at dollar stores and in the Target $1 spot from time to time. You could also use cotton balls for the soccer balls or even wads of paper instead. Also, if you're making the play dough for something like this and need a good recipe, The Imagination Tree has got you covered -- she is my go-to resource for play dough recipes

To add the World Cup element, I drew or cut out flags for each of the 16 teams that advanced to the final rounds and tossed in a couple of soccer Easter eggs we happened to have. The boys immediately grabbed their Lego men and got going. We keep putting away the play dough and then pulling it out again to play. They really love it. 

Crafty Mama Blog has another simple soccer/football invitation to play that uses a pizza box, cotton ball and straws - check it out

I also love this World Cup Party for Kids from Multicultural Kid Blogs, and loved having the chance to share my interview with a multicultural mama who was able to attend some World Cup games in Brazil at Multicultural Kid Blogs too

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  1. I love that you used berry baskets for the goals. That is so clever and looks great! What fun. I'm sure Wild Thing must have been so excited. Your little ones are lucky to have such a creative Mom!