Monday, September 29, 2014

End it with Orange: Orange Meals Inspired by No Kid Hungry

Weekly Meal Plan Inspiration: Fall Produce and Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month is coming to a close. Orange is the designated color for the month, so we're going to end it with orange by sharing my favorite Fall recipes featuring some amazing orange vegetables: butternut squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. All three of these veggies are full of health benefits and kid-friendly. 

Wild Thing in his orange for Hunger Action Month. In this photo,
he was sad and hungry. I feel grateful to know I am able to provide
snacks and healthy meals for him when he feels this way.
(Psssttt...I'm ending this month with some green is estimated that between 14.7 and 18.5 million children in the United States struggle with hunger/food security. I'm committing to a monthly donation of $18.50 to No Kid Hungry to represent each child struggling with hunger. I invite you to join me -- with a monthly commitment or one-time donation as well. You can also check out other ways to get involved in the battle against hunger). 

Butternut Squash Recipes:  

(The recipe includes vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy free options and is yummy!) 

(This is on my meal plan list this week -- Wednesday night for dinner.)

(When I made this I made it in the crock pot, which worked out fine. I also didn't top it with the goat cheese or chorizo.)

Veggies simmering in the crockpot before I pureed the soup.
(My boys devoured them, and I didn't even make the frosting).
Sweet Potato Recipes:

(Also on our meal plan this week - Friday for dinner.)

(I always make this for my husband's birthday and don't even bother with frosting...It's that good). 

(Another healthy treat my boys absolutely love!) 

Bonus Shares: 
(Okay, not orange, but pears are a favorite Fall fruit for us).

What's your favorite Fall fruit or vegetable? Have a favorite Fall recipe? If so, please share it!. Also, please also join me this month (and every month!) to help end hunger. Together, we can end it. 

Click here to get involved!

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