Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tot School & PreK Learning Activities: Letter Q Through the Five Senses

31 Days of ABCs: Letter Q

Sensory learning and sensory play engage learners through hands-on experiences. Since last August, we've been exploring different letters and literacy concepts through sensory experiences at home with my two sons (currently ages 3 and 5). Last October, we participated in 31 Days of ABCs with All Done Monkey (and other bloggers) sharing our Letter F Learning Activities. We love the series so much that we're participating again this year with Letter Q. 

Sight and Touch - Quilts

Quilts are important to our family. We have heirlooms quilts as well as special quilts that my mother has made for me and for both of the boys, so when we began our Letter Q learning activities, I knew we would use quilts for both sight and touch with our sensory explorations. We spread all of our quilts out on the living room floor and looked at them and touched them -- exploring their colors, images, designs and more. 

Then, we also pulled out fabric scraps and filled in our uppercase and lower case Qs with our fabric -- quilting our letter Qs. We've also shared some other quilt fun before with Tomie DePaola's book The Quilt Story and a fun game we created called Quilt Twister, and a quilt-inspired art activity as part of the Kids Get Arty series of Red Ted Art as learned about Molly Upton, a painter who worked with cloth.

Taste and Smell - Quinoa
Letter Q Learning Tray #1.
Next, we explored taste and smell through quinoa (and used our sense of touch again too). We compared how the quinoa felt and smelled before we cooked it (but didn't taste it without cooking it) and then noted how it felt and smelled quite differently after it was cooked. Then, we tasted the cooked quinoa. 

Sound - Quack

For sound, we focused on quack and had fun doing awesome duck impersonations and reading a few new duck books. (Here's some of our other favorite duck books shared with our Letter D Learning Activities).

Letter Q Learning Tray #2. 
Bonus Learning Activity: Quack and Quick - Writing practice and word comparison. 

Wild Thing looked at our books and practiced writing various q words, especially "quick" and "quack." We noticed how the words were very similar with the exception of the vowel in the middle of the word. 

To further explore this, I wrote quick and quack on our sidewalk outside and placed cars near quick and ducks near quack. The boys traced the letters with the cars or ducks. Then, I took the cars and ducks and had them match them to either quick or quack.  

Thanks for joining me for 31 Days of ABCs. Please share your favorite letter learning activities! 


  1. This is so much fun! I bet the duck impersonations were hilarious :)

  2. Great post. The activities are well-rounded. Shared. =)