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{World Space Week} This Week's Meal Plan - Inspired by Space

Celebrating World Space Week with Kids 

Wild Thing  loves space. He's known all of the planets for awhile now and often reminds me that Triton is a moon of Neptune, something I definitely did not know before he learned it through a space book or video (probably in both). So, this week, we'll be celebrating with lots of space activities (and I'll be sharing, later in the week, some of our favorite space books as well as some favorite Star Wars book for early readers since in addition to this week being World Space Week, Oct. 4-10). So, here's some space inspiration for meals and snacks this week. 


Lunch inspired by Space Boy by Leo Landry, a book shared by J Daniel 4's Mom in her Read.Explore.Learn series. Not sure my rocket sandwich will looks as good as hers, but I'll try! 
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Phases of the moon snack time! Living Montessori Now shared a popular Oreo cookie version of this in her awesome moon unit, but I prefer to use apples to show the phases of the moon. Alas, I have no photo as my hard drive crashed recently and that picture was among the many I lost! 

Planetary Pizza for Dinner -- We've got some leftover pepperoni pizza (representing the red planet, Mars) and I'll be making a Veggie Venus Pizza too. 


Alien Bento Box for lunch inspired by this awesome Alien Invader Bento from My Small Potatoes. I especially love her boiled egg alien, which could also be a fun breakfast idea this week. 
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We love to eat breakfast for dinner, so Huevos Estralledos (or Starry Eggs) should be a hit for World Space Week (you can also tie them into Hispanic Heritage Month as well). Who knows, we might add some galactic french toast too (top it with powdered sugar to represent star dust, rather than using syrup).


Toy Story Alien Snack - Creative Kid Snacks made an awesome Toy Story Alien Snack using, primarily, green grapes. When I make ours, it might become Yoda instead for my Star Wars loving boys.

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Creative Kid Snacks also has an awesome Solar System made using fruits. You have to check it out. Plus, this pin explains planet size through fruit.  

For dinner, we're having Jupiter Stew -- an orange stew with a red storm brewing! I'm making Twice Cooked Sweet Potato Soup garnished with diced red pepper to be the storm. It's a recipe from a good old fashioned cookbook, so I'll share it on my Facebook page this week since there's no link. 


Red Planet Stuffed Peppers for Dinner. Mars is Wild Thing's favorite planet, so I'm hoping these peppers are a hit. I'll probably adjust this recipe a bit to fit his taste, which basically means I'll be simplifying it a bit.


On the weekend, we love to have a family movie night. I'm thinking we might give E.T. a try since Halloween is coming soon and we've got a lot of interest in space right now. We've done an E.T. Family Movie Night before, but in all honesty, back then, the boys really didn't watch the movie, but wondered off to play as we watched it. We'll be enjoying some Intergalactic Popcorn with our movie (that means popcorn that I'll let them add cheese or sprinkles to) as well as some breadsticks and pretzels with dipping sauces inspired by E.T.'s glowing finger, and, of course, some Reese's Pieces. 

How will YOU celebrate World Space Week? Share your favorite space activities, crafts, books and more, and if you blog, share a link as I want to add more fabulous ideas to my All About Space Pinboard. And, here's hoping your week is out of this world! 

Sharing at: After School Activities Linky and In and Out of the Kitchen Linky.

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  1. So fun! I Love all the creative pictures made with the food. I'd love to try making a vegetarian version of Huevos Estralledos. That looks really good.

    1. By veggie, do you mean eggless because we don't use any meat in ours often, but the eggs and potatoes. A meat addition is optional. If you're wanting to avoid the eggs, I'm not sure what to add in its place -- brainstorming, though!

  2. These are so so cute! Time to do some space activities with the kiddos!

  3. Oh what great ideas. I need to do something like this with my boys - off to pin.


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